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Experience the joy and deep relaxation of a Crystal Healing Sounds Light Activation Session with the pure vibrations of Crystal Tones Alchemy Singing Bowls.
What is a Crystal Healing Sounds Light Activation Session?
Crystal Healing Sounds with Crystal Tones Alchemy Singing Bowls provide a vibrational sound of  'pure tones'  releasing stress and imbalances in the body allowing the process of expansion and renewal to happen creating light activating change within us.
How Does it Work?
Since the structure of our bodies and DNA are crystalline in nature, we respond and resonate with the frequencies associated with the properties of quartz crystal.  Crystal healing sounds align with a specific chakra as each alchemy bowl is played helping to remove any energetic imbalances and bringing about healing to the entire quantum/atomic body through the activation of the chakra centers. The therapeutic quality of the alchemy bowls heals at a quantum level.   Crystal Tones Alchemy Singing Bowls are the highest frequency transformational tools now available. They are effective to use with healing work for individuals or in group healing sessions.
What are some of the benefits? 
• Experiencing deep relaxation, renewal and joy
• Enhanced energy, clarity, creativity and focus
• Provides vibrational therapy to help clear energetic imbalances
• Enhances meditation, intuition and connection to higher      
  consciousness from within our hearts
• Reduces all levels of stress and anxiety by releasing stress from our bodies and
• Eases headaches, migraines and various types of chronic pain

If you are interested in a crystal healing sounds light activation session either individually or for a group session, please send an email to
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